Vanja & Miloš

Vanja & Miloš

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A wedding done in Sombor style 🙂

Vanja and Miloš organized it in a simple but really nice way.

Imagine the surprise when Vanja called me and asked for a photographer for a date neither me or her family knew was actually the date of her wedding!!!

I planned to do some regular chores in my orchard that morning, and later to do a photoshooting for her, not having a clue it was the wedding I was going to shoot. My telephone rang and she sounded very excited. I asked if the arranged two-hour photoshooting was still on. She said: „See you at the registrar’s… I’m getting married!!!“

I smiled and stayed silent for the next couple of seconds, because I froze momentarily. I told her she’s crazy, telling me something like that only two days before the wedding. I could have come totally unprepared, bringing one battery or not bringing all the necessary equipment – because for events like this I make at least three hour preparations in order to make everything look even better than expected. In the end, these people were really happy, beautiful and joyful. And that’s all that’s necessary.

Lovely spring day, streets lighted by the sun made a perfect background for photoshooting this loving couple.

Here’s a couple of photographs of how everything looked like.